Eurorack case

Your reliable companion when traveling to gigs and keep your precious and unique system protected.

our eurorack products

Sputnik 104HP

Our modular solution
a carry on compatible
case with major airlines

Sputnik 84HP

The ultimate
backpack-able eurorack
case for travellers


How portable
can we make it?
You will see


Take weight out of
the equation to ensure
maximum solidity

our Approach

Morph is the new frontier of modular cases in eurorack universe

We’ve been listening to artists and have developed what we believe is the best solution for those in need of a flexible portable case in the eurorack ecosystem within the size limitations of hand luggage.

Why Us?


Where there is a Eurorack, there is a case. A case cannot be a random choice, nor can it be a simple cover for your Eurorack. In collaboration with musicians, engineers and music enthusiasts, we bring out high quality products.


Morph is about our ideal designs for a Eurorack case ー minimal, engineered with materials, components, processes and finings used in nautical engineering. You can bring it anywhere, on a train or a plane, from one gig to another.


The project was founded in Cori, a small town in the heart of central Italy, in the summer of 2020. The aim is promoting our vision in the world of electronic music.

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