Sputnik 84HP

/ˈspʌtnɪk, ˈspʊtnɪk/

Спутник-1, romanized as Sputnik-Odin (pronounced [ˈsputʲnʲɪk.ɐˈdʲin]), means ‘Satellite-One’.

The Russian word for satellite, sputnik, was coined in the 18th century by combining the prefix s- (‘together’) and putnik (‘traveler’), thereby meaning ‘fellow traveler’, a meaning corresponding to the Latin root satelles (‘guard, attendant or companion’), which is the origin of English satellite.

In the Russian language, sputnik is the general term for the artificial satellites of any country and the natural satellites of any planet.

Morph Sputnik 84HP 12U Eurorack Case

eurorack case

Sputnik in its 84HP version is the ultimate backpack-able solution for those who want to take their own modular system with them on the go.

Introducing Sputnik

SPUTNIK is our first foldable case for eurorack modular synthesizers that folds patched. It is designed to ensure that your patch may easy “rest” when you’re traveling.

In a few seconds you can take it off from your bag, unfold it, power it and you’re ready to play.

The patching system of SPUTNIK is compatible with all standard eurorack cables, like Doepfer, Black Market Modular, Befaco, Endorphins. Erica Synths, Make Noise, Instruo. It is also compatible with TipTop Audio’s Stackcables.

Made to be portable

SPUTNIK is designed with a high-quality lightweight Aluminum frame 5754 used for nautical applications.

Folding plates allow the case to tilt at 104 degrees for optimal access.

The ultra-lightweight Eurorack rails are made of black anodized aluminum.

Circular carrying handle, with a diameter of 30mm, is designed for a perfect grip during transport.

Due to its compact dimensions the SPUTNIK in its 12U 84HP version meets is the innovative backpackable solution for travellers.

Maximizing compatibility

Thanks to a special power connector, two cases can be stacked with a set of folding plates using only one power supply and several Bus Boards.

SPUTNIK supports modules up to 46mm deep in power supply side, and up to 65mm deep in rest of the case.

Each unit can hold two USB detachable USB-A charging ports that drains power from the 5V line.


SPUTNIK, thanks to the collaboration with Konstant Lab now ships with a built-in HammerPWR – Eurorack modular power supply module that includes a small 100W power board (zero HP) (+12V / 5A, -12V / 2.5A, +5V / 2A).

Our system of filtered protection on the inputs and outputs of the power supply stays in place with minor tweaks to its core design making sure that your system will keep operating under hassle-free, low-noise, artifact-free conditions while also being protected from noises present in the power grid at times so your system and modules are safe and intact from external occurrences, mishaps, and influences.

Enough juice to the most hardcore eurorack system

To ensure the lowest possible noise within your system the power supply uses a special type of converters with low noise on their outputs and we have split the +12V / 5A power branches by 2,5A + 2,5A to further decrease inherent influence between modules.

SPUTNIK comes with a Power Brick Meanwell GST120A20-P1M with 20V/120W output power and an EU/Schuko or US cable. This power brick has connected output ground potential with PE potential on inlet. This feature helps to properly function of touch controlled modules.

Low profile filtered Bus Boards

Depending on the configuration, SPUTNIK will be equipped by a different number of Filtered Bus Boards.

These are low profile bus board with extra filtered output headers. Each Bus Board contains 18 output headers. 12 direct headers with decoupling capacitors and 6 filtered headers with unique filtering circuits.

get the most out of analog modules

Filtered headers are specially dedicated to feed analog modules that are sensitive/susceptible to power quality. Decoupling capacitors and LC filters reject noise caused by PSU and digital modules by 70%.

Two 4 ways DIP switches can tune filtration capacity when some PSU has starting problems with big capacity on output – especially handy if you have a lot of digital modules present in your system.

Each power rail is protected against overvoltage for your modules and systems safety. 90% of the bus board area has only 11mm in height with inserted connectors. This feature makes Filtered bus board an ideal power distribution solution for SPUTNIK where depth is a concern.

Bridge system Serge style

A special bridge system made of XLR 4 pin Power inlets can be used to chain the two parts of SPUTNIK eurorack case which uses only one power supply placed in the bottom case.

We used quality Neutrik connector with 10 A current rating per contact. This ensure long life without current interrupts and voltage drops.

A Power cable XLR 4 pin male to male cable with Neutrik connectors is use to connect the two unites of SPUTNIK. Cable is flexible with four 1.5 mm² wires (AWG16).

Start small & expand later

Start small your journey in to eurorack with only one part of SPUTNIK as a 6U case, and then when you will need more space you can buy an upgrade kit that will allow you to expand your case to 12U.

7U and 14U version are on our roadmap.

Technical Specifications

Eurorack module space:
Four 84HP rows (12U)
Module depth:
65mm (46mm above power supply)

External dimensions:

Weight w/o modules:
~4.4.kg (lightweight)
Power supply:
HammerPWR – 100W
+12V/5A, 12V/2.5A, +5V/2A
36 bus board shrouded headers
Four USB-A charging ports 5V
120W Meanwell power brick
Shielded bridge power cable
Materials & finish:
Black anodized aluminium rails
Threaded M3 strips
Aluminium frame 5754
Solid carrying handle
Opening angle 104°


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