about us


Ancient Greek μορφή (morphḗ, “form, shape”)

/ mor・phē / or /mor-fay’/

the form by which a person or thing strikes the vision

Morph is the new frontier of modular cases in eurorack universe

Morph is a company specialized in eurorack products, that deliver high quality products, designed by musicians, engineers and enthusiasts.

The project was founded in Cori, a small town in the heart of central Italy, in the summer of 2020. The aim is promoting our vision in the world of electronic music.

Although our main activity is research and continuous prototyping, we also work as software developer and product designer.


From the stars ー this is our motto.

While we are creating new things, one of the secret dreams is to create a stairway to the farest galaxies.

Morph means...


Less is more. To make the least, we do a lot more. Minimalism for us also means the minimum usage of materials.


If something happens at first, it may be a propitious sign from above. If it does, then we make every effort to replicate the outcome to ensure its reliability.


We enjoy being connected. We are a little crew keen on meeting new people, discussing stuff, craving for opinions.

Hey, music!

Our cases are to make some good damn music.

meet our team

Marco De Cave

Content Manager & Copy
Compulsive writer and word juggler.

Federico De Lellis

Product Manager & Founder

Innovating products that change the game.

Francesco Pacifici

Media Specialist

From boring to brilliant, with pixels.

Francesco Zaralli

Company CEO,
Marketing & Commercial

Serious about your profits, not your attitude.

Put on your spacesuit
Jump aboard our spaceship

Get in touch with us today, the outer space is where we really like to go