Sputnik 84HP

Backpack-able eurorack case


  • 84HP 12U as two 6U cases
  • Module depth: 65mm
    (46mm above power supply)
  • Dimensions: 460x335x200mm
  • Weight: 4.4.kg (w/o modules)
  • Power supply: HammerPWR 100W
  • Output power: +12V/5A, 12V/2.5A, +5V/2A
  • Output headers: 36 (12 filtered & 24 direct)
  • Four USB-A ports 5V
  • 120W Meanwell power brick
  • Shielded bridge power cable

Delivered in 1-2 weeks.

Sputnik 84HP is the foldable and backpack-able eurorack case for modular synthesisers.

Portable and patch-friendly, it sets up in seconds. Compatible with standard eurorack cables allows you keep your system patched in transit.

Compatible with all standard cables, it features a lightweight and resistant aluminium frame, tilt function, and USB ports.

With Konstant Lab’s HammerPWR power supply, it ensures a noise-free environment.

Stackable and expandable, Sputnik offers versatility for your eurorack journey.

Ideal for musicians on the go.

Discover the future of the backpackable eurorack cases with Sputnik 84HP.