Morph eurorack cases improved to travel

Are you looking for a Eurorack case enabling you to travel and protect your set?

For sure the features you are looking to be able to travel confortably with an eurorack case are portability, solidity and a lightweight.

Maybe you are looking for something which could pass for hand luggage and be with you, safer while traveling.

Morph has been presented at Roma Modulare in december 2022, since then many things have been going on. In fact, Morph team worked to improve the ultimate travelling eurorack case and soon the team will announce the pre-order opening date.

Roma Modulare has been the first chance to meet musicians and producers, to talk and gather opinions to improve Morph’s Sputnik eurorack case.
After the event Morph team addressed further the needs & opinions of modules producers and musicians touring and performing in live events and festivals.

For this reason, inside the Morph eurorack case the rails have been replaced with black anodized rails to give a neater look to the model. 

We have opted for a single rail with a double guide for the strips to reduce the amount of holes and screws to reduce weight and increase stability.

Morph’s soul for the improved model is the 5754 aluminum alloy. Both Morph’s Sputnik 104HP 12U & 6U and Sputnik 84HP 12U & 6U a more stable and solid structure.

This aluminum is normally used in the nautical industry and is resistant to any drop and crash.

What is more, Delrin and POM-C parts were introduced to replace the plastic polymers ones.

Delrin& POM-C are also used in the nautical field, specifically for underwater applications. These materials are resistant to abrasion, such as the ones caused by the continuous opening and closing of the case. 

Sputnik eurorack cases do not require vents or cooling systems. In fact, thanks to the material chosen and the power supply suspension system, air can pass under the hammer and bus boards.

This setting and configuration enable the reduction of the heating  and  allow a stable temperature even after long periods of use (8+ hours).

Solid and long lasting, Sputnik Eurorack case model has been painted with an embossing finish to be scratch-resistant & anti-fingerprint.

What is more, Morph eurorack cases envisage encased cables in fireproof sleeves. This way cables are grouped and cleared up to avoid knots. This feature makes Sputnik truly eternal and perfect for traveling and live performing. 

In conclusion, the philosophy of Morph is to deliver the lightest Eurorack case possible, stable and resistant.

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