Cruiser bag and backpack: the ultimate travel solution for eurorack. Find out Morph bags to carry your case and modules everywhere!

The innovative travel solution for eurorack. Ready for the take off?

In the dynamic world of electronic music production and live gigs modular synthesis reigns supreme for this reason Morph has designed an innovative travel solution for eurorack.

Enthusiasts yearn for a seamless fusion of innovation and practicality and are looking for solutions to enable travelling keeping their eurorack synth safe and sound.

In response to this quest, Morph has stepped up with a duo of exquisitely crafted innovative carrying solutions meticulously tailored to complement their 104HP and 84HP eurorack.

Cruiser bag and backpack: the ultimate travel solution for eurorack. Find out Morph bags to carry your case and modules everywhere!

Distinguishing the Backpack is its thoughtful design, featuring abbreviated yet unified shoulder straps complemented by a front load-bearing strap. This configuration ensures optimal solution for weight distribution during a travel experience with your eurorack .

Cruiser Bag: The Rhythm of Mobility

Behold the Cruiser Bag, a finely honed solution engineered to house the 104HP Eurorack case enabling musicians/producers to travel safely. This reveals Morph‘s unwavering commitment to harmonising aesthetics with functionality. 

The bag’s dimensions (55cm x 33.5cm x 20cm) are meticulously calibrated to snugly envelop the 104HP case, ensuring a secure cocoon for safeguarding delicate modular setups during the musician journey. The exterior boasts distinctive zigzag-patterned feet, by 0.5 cm, seamlessly marrying stability with a captivating rhythmic visual accent.

For ultimate protection, the Cruiser Bag features a padded main compartment and waterproof zippers.
This components steadfastly guard against the elements, granting artists the assurance to navigate diverse performance settings without concern. The inclusion of a detachable shoulder strap lends versatile carrying options, while discrete exterior pockets facilitate the organised storage of essential accessories.

Cruiser bag and backpack: the ultimate travel solution for eurorack. Find out Morph bags to carry your case and modules everywhere!

Backpack: Embarking on a Sonic Odyssey

For those venturing across creative horizons with the compact 84HP Eurorack case, the Morph Backpack emerges as an indispensable companion. 

Specifically, Morph precision-engineered (46cm x 33.5cm x 20cm) the bags to elegantly house the 84HP case, this backpack transcends mere utility to become a statement piece in its own right. 

External zigzag-patterned feet, spaced 50mm apart, not only bolster stability but also infuse the design with a captivating visual allure.

Anchoring the ensemble are strategically placed rings for the shoulder strap, mirroring the design ethos of the 104HP’s pioneering carrying system.

The ultimate minimal travel solution for eurorack synth

Morph’s commitment to detail transcends mere measurements and functionality. The design philosophy of Morph, seamlessly melds form and function into an enchanting harmony. The black-on-black logo, a symphony of minimalism and subtlety. In fact, it is masterfully integrated to ensure brand presence without overpowering the overarching aesthetic for this ultimate travel solution for eurorack.

The vertical stitching, a signature touch of both the Cruiser Bag and Backpack, epitomises Morph’s devotion to quality and longevity.

This stitching isn’t merely a joining of materials. It narrates a tale of durability and resilience, mirroring the journeys embarked upon by musicians traversing sonic landscapes.

Space travellers voice matter! Give us a feedback on Morph travel solution for eurorack synth.

The company it is eager to forge meaningful connections with musicians and producers. Morph encourages prospective manufacturing partners to explore the realm of crafting these bespoke bags that transcend the role of accessories, evolving into extensions of the artistic process itself.

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